When I Was Young Release

When I Was Young When I Was Young was sponsored by the awesome flash games portal BigDino and now you can play it there. Hope you will like the gameplay and the story behind the game.

I’ve also uploaded my game into two popular flash games portals: Kongregate and Newgrounds. These sites are known for their great players’ community. That’s why every flash game developer dreams about high rating of their games on Kong and NG. So if you like When I Was Young game, please, support it with your votes. Here are links:
When I Was Young on Kongregate
When I Was Young on Newgrounds

Now few words about the game itself. When I Was Young was created for Russian contest of one week development (it gained third place, by the way). That is why it’s pretty short. But I tried to integrate some interesting features such as increased speed after finishing the game and special secret passage which allows to finish the game faster. You should be really attentive to find it. I’ve also integrated Playtomic leaderboards to let players save their scores and compete with each other.

You can always download distribution package for your site with game files, thumbnails and description. But if you want sitelocked (non-exclusive) version of the game, please contact me using contact form or directly by e-mail: jarofed(at)gmail.com

Hope you will like this game! I would appreciate your feedback.

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