The Choice

The Choice The Choice is my new flash game in puzzle/platform genre. It was created within the Fast Game Dev Cup (FGDCup) #5. It’s third time I’ve decided to take a part in this awesome challenge for indie game developers. And the result is almost ready to be shown to the wide gaming audience.

The Choice is a story of love and betrayal. Player’s main objective is to help Jack (young boy) reach his beloved girl Lily. This mission can become really tricky, especially when drunkard Paul stands on the way of Jack’s and Lily’s happiness.

The Choice screenshot

Player will also find new mechanics here that are expected to make the gameplay even more fun and addictive.

The whole developing process took almost 3 month. I uploaded finished version of the game to FGL only few days ago. It received promising rating of 8 from editors and was approved for bidding. So if you have sponsor’s or developer’s account there, you can play The Choice right now.

Hope that bidding process won’t take too long and you will be able to play The Choice in the nearest future.

I’ve also created the video-trailer featuring The Choice game. Hope you will like it!

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