How to find Secret Passage in When I Was Young game

Secret passage After releasing When I Was Young I’m constantly monitoring arcade sites that published my game. The most interesting part of it is players’ comments. Many players are striving to find the secret passage. So I decided to show how to do this here on The Gamest Blog.

If you want to discover the secret passage by yourself, DON’T READ FURTHER!

So to find the secret passage first you may want to do a couple of playthroughs that will increase your initial speed. It is possible to get to the secret passage without speed bonus, but you really should be very skillful to do this.

Then, after you’ve found the hourglass, return back left one screen (to the one with clock). You can jump left from the highest “hill” in that screen. But if you do this without speed bonus, make sure that you jump from the very edge.

Secret passage 1

If you managed to jump correctly you should be standing on the “lonely” hill now. Congratulations, you found the secret passage.

Secret passage 2

Now you should be heading to the left. But after a few playthroughs you probably recognize where you ended up.

Hope my explanations were clear. But if you want, you can also watch the video of going through secret passage.

Play When I Was Young to practice your newly acquired knowledge!

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